The Difference Between Affordable and Cheap

Some people see the word “affordable” as being the same as “cheap.” It really isn’t. You can classify something as “affordable” and still get good quality, while “cheap” just sounds . . . well, cheap. Inferior, low-quality and poorly constructed.

An “affordable” car generally implies a decent, somewhat smaller vehicle that does a good job getting you to and fro, albeit without a lot of superfluous frills. Meanwhile a “cheap” car conjures up visions of an older, more weathered car with questionable running capabilities.

Wedding photography is the same. Too often a couple on a tight budget will scour online classified sites such as Craigs List, or better yet they know “a friend with a good camera,” all in a quest to find an “affordable” photographer.

In all honesty, what they’re really looking for is “cheap.” They’re basing their photography needs entirely on the number after the dollar sign—and the lower the better, it seems. Especially true in situations where photography is given a lower priority than the bar, cake or flowers, there is the temptation to shave some of the wedding cost by lowering the photo budget. If cost is truly the only deciding factor in hiring a photographer for your wedding, then your needs are best served by the hoard of cheap Craig’s List shooters of questionable quality and integrity.

Most couples are far better served by photos of good quality at a reasonable, aka affordable, price. What good are “cheap” photos when they aren’t even worth looking at? Wedding photos are the most lasting part of the day. Long after the cake’s been eaten and the flowers wilt, the photos remain as fresh as ever. An “affordable” photographer delivers the quality and service a “cheap” photographer simply doesn’t bother with.

In other words, you can have a “good” photographer or you can have a “cheap” photographer. You’d be hard pressed to find a “good, cheap photographer.”

For your once-in-a-lifetime images, would you rather take a gamble on the lowest bidder or pay a little more and know you’re getting quality?

About Annette

Wife. Mother. Nerd. Writer. Amigurumi designer. Lover of bad movies, good movies, good books, and chocolate. I make snarky, sarcastic, snappy remarks when appropriate, and sometimes even say them out loud. I live in Missouri with my professional photographer husband, my daughter, son, and too many pets.

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